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Red Oak Radio is a product of
The Media Oaks

Isaiah 61 is the foundational scripture upon which the ministry of theMediaOaks is built.

Is 61:3b (NIV)
They will be called oaks of righteousness,
a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor.

Our passion for Excellence, Innovation and Integrity drives us to display God’s splendor in a way that is befitting His greatness. Media is a powerful tool for doing this and we are those Oaks, made righteous through what Jesus accomplished on the cross.

theMediaOaks creates and provides platforms that enable, inspire and equip individuals and groups to take this message of the completed work of Jesus to the ends of the earth (Matt 28).

Red Oak Radio displays the splendor of the Lord by streaming the Good News of the completed work of Christ worldwide. We believe that community is changing and that Red Oak Radio has a major role to play in establishing the Kingdom of God in online communities.

Our focus is on celebrating life in abundance. Our presenters cover a wide variety of topics and styles. Our style is progressive and our music leans into the current trends in young adult circles.

We invite you to join our online community of faith through liking, following, sharing and interacting with us on Social Media.

We are constantly looking out for people with whom we can partner.

Do you have a ministry?
Do you see possible synergy between our station (or platform) and your vision?
Have you always dreamt of being a radio presenter?
Do you feel inspired to sponsor a program which would enable our station to grow in capacity?

Then let’s get the conversation going. We would love to engage with you.
Grace and Peace

Barry Stander
(Station Manager)

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Phone: +27 71 880 4468

Email: [email protected]

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